Quick results Sunday-5-21
Grit 602 Crate Series/Fight night Street Stocks & 4 cyl.

Grit 602 Crates:
Corey Cormier, Dale Welty, Nick Nye, Dustin Jordan, Stacey Jackson, Andy Gates, Allen Fink, Gregg Dust, Buck Mills Sr., Jimmy Zacharias, Donnie Lawson, Brandon Butler, Dylan Zacharias, Conner Otten, Tim Guild, Isaiah Forward, Eric Williams, Rachel Zacharias. Harold Humphries (DQ)
Heat winners: S. Jackson, R. Gates,  H. Humphries

Street Stocks
Shane Wolf Jr., Dan Massarese, Jon carpenter, Trevor Dudley, Butch Green, Lanson Albanese, Jarrod Dennis, Earl Zimmer, Dalton Martin, Cody Neilsen, Don Cole.
Heat winners: D. Massarese, S. Wolf Jr.

4Cyl. Super Bee’s.
Chris Bonoffski, Nick Kennedy, Mike Brown, Eric Rowley, Tom Bumpus, Leon Brockway, Chris Taylor, Rich Wagner, Dakota Decker, Justin wells, Austin Germinio, Richie Hurlbut, Casey McPherson, Cyrus Homer.
Heat winners: C. McPherson, C. Bonoffski.

Skyline Raceway Park Quick Results 5-19-17

Pure Stocks:

Buck Mills Sr., Buck Mills Jr., Tim Parker, Levi Frink, Jason Thomas.
Street Stocks:

Shane Wolf Jr., Lanson Albanese, Earl Zimmer, Tyler Yeagle, Jack Holcombe.
4 Cyl Super Bee’s :

Tom Bumpus, Mike Brown, Justin Wells, John Fordice, Rich Wagner.
SRP Modifieds (IMCA):

Dan Searls, Jeff Cardinale, Steve Reynolds, Don Reeves, James Cornell.
WXM Auto Crates:

Stacey Jackson, Andrew Smith, Gregg Doust, Dylan Zacharias, Kailee Dimorier.
Open Sportsman:

Jim “Rocky” Rothwell, Chris Jordan, Lee DeWitt, Kevin Jordan, Ben Bushaw.
WXHC Rookie Sportsman:

John Traphagen, Kirk Reynolds, Tyler DeGraw, Brian Horner, Rachel Zacharias.

Full results for opening night - April 28th 2017. A-Verdi Storage Containers Night.

By Jim Chase

Skyline Raceway Park’s 2017 season opener made its historical Friday night debut as 75 cars made their way into the pits to start off the season in style on A-Verdi Storage/Container & Office Solutions Night. A beautiful evening was the backdrop as Mother Nature wasn’t going to have her way this week, after hard rains and wet grounds made SRP push back the highly anticipated season opener. New faces and new cars were the theme (as they usually are) in the first few weeks of any racing venue had a lot of scrambling by the staff and management to get things all into place, but all was in the favor of SRP as things got off to a good start … if you stayed home you missed a great night of racing at the 3/8ths mile in Blodgett Mills.
SRP tid -bits… Sam Rodgers returned to SRP has the head flagger. Sam hasn’t lost a bit as he took control of the speedway, minus the ponytail of yesteryear! Great job on the stop & go sticks Sam and welcome back! A lucky fan took home a nice $157.00 in the 50/50. A great way to help support the drivers point fund

Earl Zimmer made his way into victory lane in the street stock division by besting the field of competitors, even through a hard fight for the lead for several laps with veteran driver Lanson Abanese. Jack Holcombe, Cody Neilsen ,Tyler Yeagle , Jake Fowlston, Zack Mills , Bobby Wagner, Don Cole and 14 year old Pete Fowlston battled for the 20 lap shoot out. In the end Zimmer was able to stretch out his lead and won the inaugural event.
Street Stock Feature : Earl Zimmer, Lanson Albanese, Cody Nielsen, Zach Mills, Pete Fowlston
Heat winner - Earl Zimmer

Mitch Hurlbut earned his way into the winners circle in the 4cyl super bee class with a highly contested event as he and Mike Robinson swapped the lead several times throughout the event. Chuck Powelczyk, Dylan Robinson and Chris Bonoffski all battled for positions with a lot of slicing and dicing and made it a close affair for the top five spots.
4 Cyl Feature: Mitch Hurlbut, Mike Robinson, Dylan Robinson, Chuck Powelcyzk, Chris Bonoffski
Heat winners- Mitch Hurlbut, Dylan Robinson

Jimmy Zacharias took the honors as the WXM Auto Crate class took to the speedway with 17 cars to pace the field to the green. An early caution came out as the field got bunched up at the start of the race. Kailee Dimorier, John Miller and Stacy Jackson were involved. Miller and Jackson were able to continue; unfortunately the car of Dimorier was not able to continue. On the following restart, Chuck Miller had some power plant problems and went pit-side. Rich Talada and J.J. Courcey had issues and weren’t able to finish as well. Meanwhile up front defending track champion and American Racer regional champion Andrew Smith was trying feverishly to reel in Zacharias but to no avail Zacharias held on for the win.
WXM Automotive 602 Crate Feature: Jimmy Zacharias, Andrew Smith, Stacey Jackson, Tim Guild, Garrett Rushlow,Heat winners- Chuck Miller, Dylan Zacharias

James Cornell sporting the tribute colors of Chuck Akulis on his SRP Modified, led wire to wire as he held off the challenges of long time runner Dan Searls as he picked up the victory in a caution free 20 lap shoot out .Tony Harris, Jeff Cardinal and Don Reeves mixed it up for the IMCA type mods finale running order.
SRP Modifieds (IMCA type) Feature winner: James Cornell, Dan Searls, Tony Harris, Jeff Cardinale, Don Reeves, Charlie Gilbert
Heat winner - James Cornell

John Morse wound up in the winner’s circle in an action packed 20 lap event in the Open Sportsman division. Starting from the outside row, Morse wasted no time charging to the front as Chance Spoonhower was putting the pressure on. Ben Bushaw was making a move under Spoonhower when Spoonhower cut down across the front end of the Bushaw mount and then made contact with the Kevin Jordan and Nate DeGraw. That would end Bushaw and DeGraw’s night as Jordan went pit-side. After the restart Jordan returned to the track and another caution ensued Spoonhower dropped out a few laps later. Kevin Jordan made his way to the front to get back on the lead lap. Morse continued to lead laps uncontested as Rocky Rothwell drove into the number two spot to the checkers
Open Sportsman Feature: John Morse, Rocky Rothwell, Lee Dewitt, Kevin Jordan, Chance Spoonhower, Nate DeGraw, Ben Bushaw
Heat winner - Kevin Jordan

Rachel Zacharias dominated the competition as she sweep the division with heat and feature wins in The WXHC 101.5 Rookie Class. She made it look easy as she used the experience from seat time from Fulton speedway last year and used that to her advantage. T.J. Zacharias closed in on a few occasions to challenge but was denied each time. John Traphagen came in the number three spot with his confidence growing and a good steady run. Michelle Courcey, the 16 car (no name given) Kirk Reynolds and Jeremy Bajakowski all gained valuable seat time to finish the 20 lap event.
WXHC 101.5 Rookie Sportsman Feature: Rachel Zacharias, T J Zacharias, John Traphagen, Michelle Courcy, 16 Car (No name given), Kirk Reynolds, Jeremy Bajakowski 
Heat winner: Rachel Zacharias

Tim Parker, last year’s recipient of the hard luck award, finally got the monkey off his back and overcame adversity to get his first ever win in the Pure Stock class. In the most exciting feature of the night (in my opinion) in a tire blowing riddled event, Parker was the first to lose a tire, he went pit-side and returned to the speedway. As Jason Thomas and Buck Mills Sr. battled for the top spot, Thomas cuts a tire and returns to the action. Buck Mills Sr. and Buck Mills Jr. now battle for the top spot. Buck Mills Jr. gets loose and makes heavy contact with the turn three wall. Buck Jr. looses the drive line out of the #18 machine as Thomas cuts a second tire. And the stage is now set. The re-start ensues and it is on…. throw a blanket over’em and here we go!! Buck Mills Sr. takes the point and in a quick lap or 2 Mills begins to wobble a bit and here comes Thomas going under Mills into turn one. With a good low launch off turn two, Parker then pulls alongside Mills down the stretch and takes the number two spot away as the right rear tire goes soft on the Buck Mills Sr. machine. With 2 laps to go, Parker pulls low off turn four and pulls alongside Thomas and makes the power move under Thomas in turn one. Parker takes the lead off turn two and pulls a two car advantage over Thomas going down the stretch. The checkered flag falls and Parker earns his first victory in the season opener’s final event of the night.
Pure Stock Feature: Tim Parker, Jason Thomas, Buck Mills Sr., Buck Mills Jr. 
Heat winner- Buck Mills Sr. -DNS Bill Flask