WXM Auto Sales 602 Crate Sportsman Rules 2017
These rules are posted here as conveyance only, Not responsible for any type Os or copying mistakes. Any questions Please call the track office at 607-745-0275

1. General Motors / Chevrolet Performance Engine part #88958602 / 19258602 is the only engine permitted
2. Stock Rocker arms that came with motor only or Replacement valve spring part # GM10212811
3. OEM style fan and water pump crank driven.
4. No electric fans and clutch fans.
5. No evacuation pumps of any kind allowed. Engines must pull a minimum of 19 inches of vacuum at idle.

1. No Tri - Y headers.
1. HEI distributor that comes with motor.
2. It is mandatory that a MSD 8727 CT Rev Box be used. it is the only one allowed to be used in 2017 and must be set to 6200 RPM.
3. Rev box must be hooked up and working at all times, if found to be higher than 6200 RPM or not hooked up, you will lose purse and points for that event,
and a fine of $500.00 must be paid befor racing can resume.
4. All wiring to Rev Box not permitted to be in a harness.
5. All wires must be clearly visible.
6. Rev Box must be under hood and be easily removed for tech purposes.
7. Rev boxes may be confiscated or swapped by racetrack officials.

1.Cap stock GM, or NAPA/ Echlin P/N RR171 Cap must be Black
2.Rotor stock GM or NAPA/Echlin P/N RR 173
3.Ignition Coil stock GM or NAPA/ Echlin P/N IC 19
4.Ignition Control module stock GM or NAPA/ Echlin P/N TP 45
5.NO others accepted.

1. One 650 cfm Holley allowed. The only allowed part numbers are Holley 4777 and Holley 80777, or Holley
    4150 Series 80541-1.
2. CARBURETOR must maintain stock Venturi and throttle bore dimensions: primary venture 1 ¼”.
3. CARBURETOR must remain stock in all respects.
4. Booster height must remain stock (no cutting or polishing).
5. No visible modifications without disassembly.
6. Go/no go gauge measurements valid on hot or cold carburetor.
7. Carburetor maximum height measured from bottom or carburetor base to machines horizontal gasket surface
    of block with 7” in both front and rear of block.
Carburetor modifications allowed are listed. Any other modifications not mentioned are not legal
1. Holes drilled in the throttle plates for proper idling
2. Drilling, tapping and plugging of unused vacuum ports.
3. Welding of throttle shaft to linkage arm.
4. Drilling of idle or high -speed air correction jets.
5. Milling of center carburetor body metering block surface a maximum of .015” on each side.
6. Removal of choke plate and shaft
7. The jets may be changed as needed.

1. Steel or Aluminum wheels 2400 pounds with driver, without adding fuel.
2. Track scales are official – No protests or appeals allowed on their findings. Any car found under weight by
    officials will be completely disqualified for the night.

1. No nitro or any other additives.
2. All cars are subject to random testing.
3. Any car found with illegal fuel is subject to a fine of disqualification and loss of points.
4. Stock fuel pump only.
5. No oxygenated fuel

1. Mufflers are recommended
1. Only 2 x 4 box frames are allowed between axle centers, front - rear. The 4” side must be vertical. Frame
     rails must be steel only. All 2 x 4 rails must be .120” wall thickness only. At the discretion of the officials, it
     may be necessary to drill a 3/16” hole in frame rail for inspection of thickness. No other holes will be
     permitted. All tubing permitted for the frame rails must be either 1 1/2” dia. x .095” wall or 1 3/4” x .095”.
2. Frame width is as follows: Front (at shock towers): 24” minimum, 35” maximum. Rear: 26” minimum, 35”
    maximum. The minimum frame width at the rear roll bar must be 26”. All measurements are to be taken from
    the outside of the frame rails. These measurements shall be taken at both top and bottom of frame at its
    longest length. Clips, sub - frames, etc. are considered part of the frame.
3. Minimum length of the 2 x 4 frame rails must start at 14” in front of rear axle centerline and extend to the
    front of the radiator. All kick up material must be same specifications as the roll cage or frame material. Left
    and right frame rails (both top and bottom rails) must be equal - distant from the driveline centerline in a
    vertical plane along the total length of frame. The only exceptions will be the lower left rear frame rail, which
    will be permitted at 4” maximum indent for suspension clearance, and the two upper frame rails in the engine
    compartment to allow for the clearance of large cylinder heads.
4. Titanium or carbon fiber materials are not permitted on the chassis.

1. “DIRT” style sportsman specifications, No sail panels, wings, etc. allowed. Only aluminum or steel allowed.
 1. American Racer Mod tires only to be used.
2. Buffing, grooving, or siping will be allowed.
3. No tires chemically altered.
4.  Tires will be checked with durometer and sniffer on scales after feature events. Tire markings from the manufacturer can’t be altered.

1. Direct drive transmissions will be permitted.
2. NO automatic or automatic type transmissions will be allowed.
3. NO overdrive or underdrive transmissions will be allowed.
4. Running through reduction gears will NOT be permitted, the transmission must be direct drive to the rear end.
5. Transmission must have working gears. Forward, Neutral & Reverse must be working. From the neutral position and with the motor running the
car must be able to go forward, and / backward in a smooth manner. The car must start and move under its own power.
6. The transmission must bolt to the bell housing.
7. Drive line components make of carbon fiber, titanium, or other materials considered exotic will not be permitted.
8. A maximum of two universal joints of drive line will be permitted.

1.Only completion rear end will be permitted.
2.Hypoid/Type and or 9” Ford Type and or Limited Slip Type and or lockers and or 2 Speed rear ends will NOT be permitted.
3.NO non quick change rear ends allowed.
4.Only aluminum and or magnetic steel spools will be permitted.
5.Only steel and or aluminum rear spindles will be permitted. If the rear spindle is machined from aluminum it must be a one piece tube and spindle with a minimum outside diameter of 2 7/8” and a maximum  of 2 ½ “ inside diameter.
6.Live rear ends with aluminum and or steel axles will be permitted.
7.Carbon fiber, titanium and or other materials considered exotic for any rear end component will not be permitted.
8.A maximum rear end offset of 4” from the center of the inside tire width when measured from the inside of the left rear tire to the inside of the right rear tire at axle height.

1. Only one shock per wheel permitted. Externally adjustable shocks will not be permitted.
2. External reservoir type shocks will not be permitted.
3. Steel bodied shocks must be an in stock item from manufacturers. Custom shock absorbers and or shock absorber components will not be permitted. Steel Shrader valve shocks allowed- No aluminum shocks.
4. Only conventional type closed shock absorbers and or approved shock absorbers will be permitted for competition.
5. Only single shaft shock absorbers will be permitted and all shock absorbers must remain closed on one end via conventional design.
6. NO electronically controlled shock adjustments are permitted.

1. All cars must have a battery. No 16 volt batteries allowed. Maximum voltage 12 volts.
2. All cars must have a self-starter in good working condition.

1. Aluminum or Steel wheels only.
2. No carbon fiber of plastic wheels.

It is strictly prohibited to tamper with or remove the factory seals on a crate engine. These engines are not repairable, rebuildable, or resealable. In the event that a crate engine should need a repair which requires the removal of one or more of the seal bolts, that engine is now considered unusable and must be removed from competition. A new legal crate engine must be obtained for any further competition at Skyline Raceway Park. Anyone caught tampering with or removing a seal bolt from a crate engine in order to access the internal workings of the engine shall be immediately disqualified, fined $500, and stripped of all accumulated points up to the time of the infraction. The engine will not be allowed to compete again at Skyline Raceway Park.