1. Open to 602 Crates and Open Sportsmen Cars Only.
2. Any driver who has competed and qualified for a big block Modified event is not eligible for this division      as this division is meant as a place for beginners to get a chance for seat time before moving up.
3. Any driver who has recorded a Sportsmen or 358 Modified win will not be eligible for this division.
4. Rookie status will be until a driver is deemed ready to move up by track officials , then that driver will be     required to move up to the Sportsmen Division.
5. All safety and technical rules are outlined in the Sportsmen section of the Skyline Raceway Park web site.
6. Car count will determine the schedule of events for the Rookie Division.
7. Weekly Points will be kept for this class.
8. Car counts will determine if heats are run.
9. Features will be 15 laps.
10. The Rookie driver can only compete in the Rookie Division on any given night that they are scheduled.
11. The car can be used by another driver in the combined class on the night the rookie Division is on the      schedule, the car must pay entry fee of last place of division he will be competing in.